Who is Todd Carson and why does he propose a remediation law?


Todd Michael Carson is an athlete, artist, technician, tradesman, advocate and remediation law activist with a passion for art, science, nature, health and wellness. He is also a New York State Licensed Real Estate Salesperson .

After graduating from high school, he followed a non-traditional educational path by taking courses that he knew would enrich the person he would become. After college, Todd enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a Seaman E3 and was injured during training. Accordingly, he was honorably discharged after nine months of service.

Mr. Todd Carson then married and started a family, and they soon had two children.

Everything was going well for Todd and his family.  They felt like they were living the American dream. Toxic cleanup began, that’s when everything in their lives became very, very difficult.

The Carson family lived less than a quarter mile from a Love Canal cleanup site. There were no signs, no public records, no fences. Todd and his children were exposed and continue to suffer from the affects.

While planning before the move to the North Tonawanda NY address, Todd did some research, simply because of the proximity to Niagara Falls Love Canal, and he found nothing: all he found was that the land was public domain green space.

Prior to during and after the remediation, his family began to have significant symptoms of anxiety and major physical health issues. Todd began to have serious back and neck problems, his son Griffin had developed a case of type I diabetes, and at the age of 14, which is usually late for juvenile diabetes: his daughter Amylea began to lose feeling in her feet and legs when she exercised. This was extremely upsetting to her, a young child who danced, played soccer and ran track.

He convinced her that exposure to toxic waste had created a superhuman ability that produces the lack of feeling in her legs when she runs. When she runs, her legs go numb all the way to her hip.

She was terrified, and as a hurdler, it was a monumental mental task to overcome that. Todd convinced her that it was a gift because all the other runners were in pain. He remembered that pain was what limited him when he ran track.

The real estate licensing process allowed Todd to learn the disclosures and he began working on the law, as he can barely do any physical work because of the havoc the illegal toxic chemicals had wreaked on my nerves and soft tissue in my body.

He had to ask for help from the VA and he is fortunate to have the support of the great nation he is sworn to defend.

Since discovering the chemical contamination that affected his body, wife and children, he has been working to get this legislation passed that will help people to be aware of the toxic nature of properties before they buy them.

Todd has spoken and met with several state, local and federal legislators to present his proposed legislation: Senator Charles Shumer, Senator Robert Ortt, County Executive PJ Wendel, Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Senator George Borrello’s office, Congressmen Nick Langworthy, Congressman Brian Higgins, and Ambassador Hugues Sanon.

This legislation will require public disclosure of known contamination on and in residential properties. It will require a notation to be added to the title of the property with the county clerks that the positive test was performed by an independent laboratory.

Todd is seeking help from Lawmakers, elected officials, businessmen, real estate specialists and anyone who cares about the well being of people.



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