Hugues SANON s’interroge sur le déploiement d’une force de sécurité non onusienne en Haïti.

Le défenseur des droits de l’homme Hugues SANON préviendrait un “génocide” sur les masses haïtiennes si…

Ambassador Hugues Sanon meets with County Executive PJ Wendel at VIP breakfast.

On Monday, June 5th, 2023 the Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel met with Ambassador Hugues Sanon at his north side Jamestown home, discussing the county’s needs over breakfast.

The VIP breakfast meeting was attended by CE PJ Wendel and his press attaché Justin Gould. Mrs. Darlene Mae Nowell of the Villager, the well-known photographer Mr. Jon Elder and top model Emmanuella Sanon, who is the wife of Ambassador Hugues Sanon.


CE Wendel says it is great to have someone with his understanding and global perspective make our community home.

“Ambassador Sanon understands our opioid problems, he understands the poverty and homelessness, but he’s been to places like Nicaragua, Honduras, San Salvador and Mexico, third world counties that have a much greater problem than we do here in Jamestown and Chautauqua County in particular,” explained Wendel. “But he brings perspective.” embedyt][/embedyt]

During the hour-long conversation, the County Executive and Ambassador agreed to collaborate moving forward, hitting at a so-called “catalyst group” to connect young people.


“I think there is a much broader perspective of what we need to accomplish in Chautauqua County, there is no one thing, like increasing the overall positivity or our footprint when it comes to tourism, but really accentuating and collaborating together,” said Wendel. “What he focused on was the positive and how we bring the positive change.”

According to County Executive PJ Wendel, the biggest challenge currently facing Chautauqua County is the immigration problem, where dozens of illegal immigrants migrate to Chautauqua County and have to wait many months to obtain their asylum papers that will allow them to start working. In particular, they find themselves in a critical situation, unable to pay for housing and food; but thanks to the faith-based community that helps them find shelter and food, otherwise, the situation would be worse. County Executive PJ Wendel also mentioned that Lake Chautauqua, which at 1,308 feet above sea level is one of the highest navigable waters in North America, offering exceptional fishing conditions for several species of groundfish. However, climate change could lead to a decline in tourism to the area, undermine the regional economy, devalue properties surrounding the lake and reduce the ability of residents and visitors to enjoy the lake. He also urged women to hold various positions in the Chautauqua County government, and advocated greater collaboration between all local governments, whether Democrat or Republican, to strengthen Chautauqua County.

During the meeting, Mr. Sanon presented the Key to Peace and Sustainability and the Conscience Clock to CE PJ Wendel in revitalizing the economy in Chautauqua County and a Community Leadership Medal for Wendel’s efforts to combat drug addiction and said to CE Wendel,

“You have made a commitment to strengthen Chautauqua County by helping to stimulate and revitalize the economy and create a much more effective and efficient county government.” Therefore, as an experienced humanitarian and community leader who has worked with many local, national and international leaders, I’m happy to meet with you to share ideas on how to make Chautauqua County great again and to offer my help in solving some of the challenges facing Chautauqua County to revive the economy, strengthen law enforcement, solve the drug problem, reinvigorate our education system and bring joy and satisfaction to our community; So, On behalf of COJEP/FDFWA, I therefore present you with the Key to Peace”.

Chautauqua County faces many challenges: budget, taxes, substance abuse, child trafficking, criminal activity, transportation issues, parking issues, gun control, road maintenance, homelessness, housing, parks, water quality, utility rates, opioid impact, diversity, business, health, to name a few.

Mr. Sanon therefore proposes a comprehensive strategy and the inclusion of a diverse set of partners: faith leaders, LGBT leaders, journalists, newcomers; middle-class, poor and college residents to facilitate robust yet sustainable social and cultural economic growth, a clean atmosphere and safe living conditions to put Chautauqua County on the right track:

Mayors can appoint a “Director of Arts and Cultural Affairs” to organize annual music awards, launch music festivals in the parks, host art exhibitions in the City Hall galleries, create cultural activities in our schools and churches, and organize events and activities such as concerts, talent shows, open mics, poetry evenings, festivals, fashion shows ; host basketball competitions, soccer matches, fashion shows and city beauty contests. Also, town halls can organize receptions in city halls and invite business leaders to discuss ways of creating jobs.

– Appoint a “Community Liaison Officer” to interact with the local community and attend community meetings and events on behalf of leaders when they are unable to attend.

-Religious leaders are in constant contact with their church members. So, if we want to win the fight against gun violence, drug addiction and human rights abuses, we need to include clergy at the table and train them to identify hot spots of violence in their communities and educate them on how they can play a role in fighting gun violence and help reduce crime in our community.

– “Clergy Counsel”

The “Clergy Counsel with law enforcement” will be a link between the police department and the people it serves. It will be a partnership between the police department and clergy leaders to build a strong relationship that will in turn improve public safety and police-community relations throughout Chautauqua County.

“Chautauqua County Chaplain

Chaplains are law enforcement officers whose purpose is to provide spiritual support, guidance and comfort to members of law enforcement. The mission is to use everyday community policing to prevent crime, build trust and strengthen relationships.

-Implement positive daily or weekly radio and TV briefing about our towns and villages, as well as social media campaigns to promote our towns while combating underage drinking and other challenges.

Implement policies and procedures to restrict alcohol consumption at community events, making greater use of ID scanners and other evidence-based tools; implement drug- and tobacco-free policies in schools.

Furthermore, on the afternoon of the same day, Ambassador Hugues Sanon also hosted a VIP dinner for Mrs. Kathleen Collver, Vice President of the Blue Star Mothers, and her husband, Vietnam veteran Stan Collver, who was the Master of Ceremonies for the 2023 Jamestown Memorial Parade, to give him an insight into the various challenges facing Jamestown.

Ambassador Hugues Sanon is the Special Envoy/International Relations to the United Nations for the Council for Justice, Legality and Peace and he is also the International Ambassador for the Foundation for a Drug Free World and Vice president to UN accredited Global organization for Sustainable development.


Le Fowpal, les enseignants et disciples du Tai Chi récompensés par le prix du président des États-Unis pour l’ensemble de leurs réalisations et travaux humanitaires et de promotion pour la paix et l’amour.

Dr. Hong, chef de la  Tai-chi et président de la Fédération mondiale de la paix, a…

L’ambassadeur Dr. Hugues Sanon reçoit le US President’s Lifetime Achievement Award par le président Américain Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

L’Ambassadeur Dr. Hugues Sanon, Envoyé Spécial des Relations Internationales à l’ONU pour COJEP International,  reçoit le President’s Lifetime Achievement Award du bureau du Président américain Joe Biden à Washington DC le 28 mars 2023 au prestigieux National Press Club pour ses 20 ans de service humanitaire et pour sa promotion de la paix et du développement durable aux Etats-Unis et dans le monde.


Lors du “2023 World Leader Summit of Love and Peace” organisé par FOWPAL, la Mission Permanente de Kiribati auprès des Nations Unies, Cojep International, Foundation for a Drug Free World et d’autres organisations au prestigieux National Press Club de Washington DC, le 28 mars pour célébrer la quatrième Journée Internationale de la Conscience, le Maire Cashenna  A. Cross, City of Glenarden, Maryland a remis le President’s Lifetime Achievement Award à l’humaniste bien connu, l’Ambassadeur  Dr Hugues Sanon.

Au nom du président Biden,  le maire Cross a également remis une lettre du président Joe Biden à l’ambassadeur Dr Hugues Sanon, dans laquelle il a déclaré: “Je vous félicite d’avoir pris sur vous de contribuer au bien public, et je suis fier de vous remettre le prix présidentiel pour l’ensemble de votre carrière, en reconnaissance des services que vous avez rendus à cette grande nation”.

Le président Biden a également déclaré dans sa lettre : “En partageant votre temps et votre passion, vous contribuez à la découverte et à la mise en œuvre de solutions aux défis auxquels nous sommes confrontés – des solutions dont nous avons besoin aujourd’hui plus que jamais. Nous vivons un moment qui appelle l’espoir, la lumière et l’amour. De l’espoir pour notre avenir, de la lumière pour aller de l’avant et de l’amour les uns pour les autres. 

Grâce à votre service, vous apportez ces trois éléments. Au nom du peuple américain, je vous remercie sincèrement pour votre leadership bénévole et je vous encourage à continuer à répondre à l’appel du service. Le pays compte sur vous”.

Mayor Cross a aussi remis à l’ambassadeur Dr Hugues Sanon un insigne présidentiel et un médaillon présidentiel au nom du bureau du président Joe Biden.


L’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon, le fondateur de together for Haiti, du magazine Voix Caraïbes et du Journal Haïti et l’ambassadeur de Cojep International à l’onu pour sa part, s’est exprimé devant un public multiculturel son gratitude et son appréciation au Président Joe Biden pour avoir reconnu sa contribution à la promotion de la paix et du développement durable aux États-Unis et dans le monde.


 “C’est un grand honneur pour moi d’avoir reçu le prix présidentiel américain pour mes 20 années de travail humanitaire, de consolidation de la paix et du développement durable en présence des personnalités internationales très influentes, notamment des ambassadeurs, des chefs d’État et des célébrités, au prestigieux National Press Club, à Washington DC. dit-il, l’humaniste bien connu le Dr. Hugues Sanon.


“Je suis vraiment reconnaissant à mon Dieu qui me fortifie chaque jour et qui m’ouvre constamment de nombreuses portes et pour m’avoir donné cette grande opportunité de recevoir le prix présidentiel qui va m’encourager davantage à continuer à faire de plus grande chose pour le peuple américain et pour le monde, a fulminé le défenseur des droits humains, Dr. Hugues Sanon.

 Le leader communautaire  a également conclu en remerciant la maire Cashenna A Cross pour l’avoir recommandé à recevoir ce  prestigieux prix présidentiel.

“Nous sommes très fiers et reconnaissants d’avoir l’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon dans notre communauté et nous le félicitons pour cette reconnaissance qui honore tout ce qu’il a apporté à notre Amérique et au monde”, a déclaré Garry Hans Dorlean, personnalité bien connue de la télévision et de la radio.  L’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon incarne tout ce qui est grand, paix, amour et durabilité. Il a inspiré des personnes comme moi à suivre sa voie humanitaire a martelé, Mr. Dolean.


Le maire Cashenna A Cross n’aurait pas pu choisir un récipiendaire plus digne, plus dévoué et plus humble que l’Ambassadeur Hugues Sanon” a déclaré sa femme Dr. Emmanuella Point Dujour Sanon.

Par ailleurs, quatre autres personnalités influentes ont également reçu le prix présidentiel pour l’ensemble de leur carrière au National Press Club lors du sommet des dirigeants mondiaux organisé par Fowpal : Hong Tao-Tze, président de la Fowpal, Bernard S Georges, Dr. Emmanuella Point Dujour et Todd Carson, qui sont tous des dirigeants exceptionnels qui ont travaillé sans relâche pour renforcer les États-Unis d’Amérique et avoir un impact sur le monde.

Lors de cette présentation, l’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon a également reçu un certificat de reconnaissance spéciale de Daniel J. McKee, le gouverneur de l’État de Rhode Island, en reconnaissance du travail qu’il a accompli au fil des ans pour promouvoir la paix et la durabilité, le dialogue et le leadership. Il s’est joint aux habitants du Rhode Island pour exprimer sa plus grande admiration et sa profonde gratitude pour un travail bien fait. 


Le secrétaire d’État de Rhode Island, M. Gregg M Amore, a également adressé à l’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon ses remerciements les plus sincères pour ses efforts inlassables en faveur de la paix, de l’amour et de la conscience pour un développement durable et mondial.

Entre autre, Lors du sommet des dirigeants mondiaux qui s’est tenu à Washington DC, au prestigieux National Press Club le 28 Mars 2023,  le Dr Hong a aussi remis un Mini Cloches d’Or de la paix et de l’amour dans le monde à l’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon, envoyé spécial de COJEP International pour les relations internationales aux Nations unies,  au Dr Charles Olawole, président du groupe du sommet de l’unité panafricaine, et au maire A. Cross, de la ville de Glenarden, dans le Maryland. Ils ont déjà fait sonner la cloche et ont travaillé en étroite collaboration avec FOWPAL pour promouvoir l’amour et la paix. 


Au total, 11 personnalités influentes ont fait sonner la cloche de la paix et de l’amour dans le monde et ont formulé des vœux de paix et des prières pour le monde. L’ambassadeur d’Haïti aux États-Unis, Bocchit Edmond, invité par l’ambassadeur Dr. Hugues Sanon, a fait sonner la cloche et a déclaré : “Nous sommes tous à la recherche d’un monde de paix, libéré de la violence et des conflits. Il est temps pour nous tous de travailler assidûment pour y parvenir. Mettons donc de côté nos différences pour marcher côte à côte sur le chemin de la paix et de l’amour. Les générations futures seront à jamais reconnaissantes de l’héritage que nous leur laisserons. Que la paix et l’amour triomphent toujours.

Isabelle Vladoiu, fondatrice de l’US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights, recommandée par l’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon, a fait sonner la cloche et a déclaré : “Je souhaite que chaque enfant ait la possibilité de recevoir une éducation pour tous. Ce n’est que par l’éducation que la paix régnera dans le monde”.


Aussi, Le Dr Hong a remis l’horloge de la conscience de la paix et de l’amour à M. Todd Carson, M. Rod Joseph, candidat au Sénat américain, M. Hans Garry Dorlean, journaliste bien connu et personnalité de la radio, également recommandé par l’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon.


Pour sa part, le COJEP International, President Ali et l’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon ont décerné à Dr. Hong le plus grand honneur de Cojep International,  “Justice and Freedom Award”.

 Aussi, Cojep et la foundation for a Drug Free World, co- organisateurs du 2023 sommet mondial, a aussi honoré des personnalités influentes qui ont impactés leurs communautés et le monde en leur décernant le “Global Humanitarian Leadership Award” lesquels  ont été presenté par l’ambassadeur Hugues Sanon á Mayor Cashenna A. Cross, l’Ambassadeur Edmond Bocchit, Dr. Crosslin, Phanord Cabé, Rod Joseph et á Garry Hans Dorlean au national press club Washington DC le 28 Mars 2023 et á Kedner Stiven, Lou Bernardi, Ray Negron á Westin Hotel Grand Central le 31 March 2023.


Ambassador Dr Hugues Sanon a recommandé à ce que ses importantes personnalités reçoivent le conscience clock de la paix pour leurs services humanitaires rendus au monde :Lou Bernardi, M. Ray Negron, Ambassadeur Dahiru Biu, “Mother Margaret EHIkhamenor, Dr Ambassador. Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO, M. Dosso INza, le juge Octave Saint-Juste, M. Jon- Erik Negron, M. Kedner Stiven, Mme Marjorie Dejour, Dr. Marie Eloi Stiven, Mme Terri Gardenia Ham, Jamie Sanders, “Nellie Jones, M. Prashant Goyal , M. Issa Sorogo, Mme Evadne McLilley, M. Andris Bass, Mme Melvine wajiri.

“Je suis très reconnaissante d’avoir reçu le prix du “Symbole des secrets de l’univers” lors du sommet des leaders mondiaux pour la paix et la durabilité le 31 Mars 2023 en collaboration avec les Nations unies. Le symbole représente la liberté de vivre une vie d’intégrité, de philanthropie, d’attention et de gentillesse. Je remercie tout particulièrement mon ami le Dr Bernard Fialloff qui est le président de Drug Free World, d’avoir été présent pour partager cet honneur avec moi, ainsi que mon collègue, l’ambassadeur des Yankees et mon bon ami Ray Negron, qui a également reçu cette distinction. Je suis très reconnaissant au Dr Hong pour ce grand privilège et je suis très reconnaissant  aussi à l’ambassadeur Dr. Hugues Sanon pour m’avoir recommandé de recevoir ce grand prix international exceptionnel”, a déclaré Mr. Lou Bernardi.

Ambassadeur Hugues Sanon a aussi promu l’afrique, particulièrement le Burkina Faso en collaboration avec le grand promoteur de SOROBIS-USA, Mr. Issa Sorogo, le fameux styliste et grand créateur de mode qui s’est imposé en avocat du Faso danfani aux états-unis d’amérique. Issa Sorogo a reçu le prix du “Leadership Humanitaire Mondial” du conseil pour la justice, l’égalité et la paix / fondation pour un monde sans drogue et il a aussi reçu l’horloge de la conscience de la paix de Fowpal présenté par le Dr Hong Tao-Tze et l’ambassadeur Dr Hugues Sanon au monde sommet des dirigeants de la paix et de l’amour qui s’est tenu au Westin Hotel Grand Central le 31 mars 2023.

Dans l’après midi du 31 mars 2023, accompagné de l’Ambassadeur  Dahiru Biu l’ Ambassadeur Dr. Hugues Sanon a rendu visite de courtoisie à S.E. M. Yaou Sangaré Bakary, Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire de la Mission Permanente du Niger aux Nations Unies et l’a honoré avec une épinglette spéciale au nom du conseil pour la justice, l’égalité et la paix, Cojep International pour son travail exceptionnel et inlassable dans la promotion de la paix et de l’amour.

Le Cojep a été créé en 1985 et son siège est à Strasbourg. Notre ONG a un statut consultatif auprès du Conseil économique et social (ECOSOC) des Nations Unies, de l’UNESCO (Comité de liaison des ONG), du Conseil de l’Europe (Conférence des ONG), de l’OCDE et est accréditée par le Parlement européen et l’OSCE. De plus, nous avons également des coordinations en Asie, en Eurasie, en Afrique, au Moyen-Orient, dans les Balkans et aux États-Unis.


Nous avons acquis de l’expérience et du respect au fil du temps. Aujourd’hui, Cojep œuvre pour des valeurs humanitaires. Nous avons démontré à la société civile et aux organisations internationales l’importance de notre rôle dans le développement, dans le renforcement de la paix, de la justice, des droits, des libertés et de la démocratie. Notre association a fait ses preuves dans ces domaines en devenant une organisation accréditée et respectée par la communauté internationale.


Who is Hugues Sanon?


Ambassador D.H Hugues Sanon (D.P.RS.), (D.FM.M)  is a global motivational speaker, strategist, mentor, facilitator, public advocate, lecturer, international goodwill ambassador, radio and TV personality who has written numerous articles for journals.

Ambassador Hugues Sanon is a  Global Peace Chain Ambassador who fosters the Peace custom and build the worldwide attitude of Acceptance and interfaith harmony and  gearing up for social peace building and stability across the region and ensure the fruitful efforts to organize peace camps in educational institutions, interactive sessions, Peace discussions with society stakeholders, diplomats, UN officials, religious scholars and community-based organizations.


He is well-respected for his outstanding humanitarian work and his contribution to the world of peace.  Over the course of his career, he has led numerous humanitarian missions around the globe on conflict resolution, helping reduce poverty, promoting  Peace,  Love and conscience and economic development. 

The 368th Peace Bell Ringer of World Hugues Sanon has long advocated for fundamental human rights, democracy, religious freedom, immigration, social justice, child trafficking, child marriage, drug education and prevention. He uses his global platform to raise awareness on issues affecting the USA, Haiti, Asia, Central America and the African continent. Overall, his leadership and advocacy work has resulted in numerous conferences at the United Nations, Washington DC, New York and many other states to raise awareness and action on many global issues and seek solutions.


Ambassador Hugues Sanon was Ordained at the Triumphant Church of God on December 27th, 2012 by Bishop Sauveur Metayer. He is also a New York State licensed Clergy and received his certificate of Marriage officiant registration on May 21st, 2013 from New York City office of the clerk and his license was signed by City Clerk, Michael McSweeney.


Ambassador Hugues Sanon started his theological studies in 1999 at Newark Theological School and after four years of study, he received his diploma on May 26th, 2003 by Dr. Jocelyn Severe and Dr. Jacques Francois. Continuing his theological studies, he achieved a Masters in Divinity and in May 2019 he was conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Humanities from the Midwest Theological University of Dr. Don G Jones.


In March,  2023, at Kings Cross Bible College, Ambassador Hugues Sanon was Awarded an Honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy In Religious Studies (D.P.RS.) and an honorary degree of Doctor of Foreign Mission Ministries (D.FM.M).


Furthermore, at Harvard University, he studied “Humanitarian response to conflict and Disaster and Received a verified diploma (#PH558X) after completing and receiving a passing grade on April 25, 2020. At Harvard University, Ambassador Hugues Sanon had also studied foreign policy and U.S. public policy: social and economics and after received a passing grade, he was granted a Verified Certificate of Achievements (# HKS101A_4) on September 2, 2020.


As of now, Honorable Ambassador Hugues Sanon plays the role of the Global Envoy of International Relations to the UN for the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace International (COJEP) International; he is the current Vice-President of Global Organization for sustainable development accredited at the United Nations, and he is also the Global Ambassador for the Foundation for a Drug Free World Americas Chapter, a Worldwide organization that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free.,

Honorable Ambassador Hugues Sanon has also studied communications, business administration and spent many years on personal research as well as graduating from the New York City Police Academy as a Citizens Police officer in June 2013. Since 2013, Ambassador Hugues Sanon has also served as a member of the NYPD clergy Council.


Since 2016, he has taken on the role of associate pastor at the International Faith Ministries in Newark New Jersey and he is the Board Director at Voix Caraibes Magazine and CEO of Together for Haiti and “Le Journal Haiti”.

Ambassador Hugues Sanon is also a licensed Chaplain in the State of New York and received the title of “Ambassador for Peace at the International Law Enforcement and Chaplain Clamor for New York, where the Department of Justice legalized his license worldwide and bestowed him an “International Apostille”.


Goodwill Ambassador Hugues Sanon is also named Ambassador for the “Cercle des Penseurs Canado-Haitian”in Montreal Canada.

Ambassador Hugues Sanon has given motivational speeches at numerous high profile events throughout the United States and abroad such as: United Nations, Washington DC, New Jersey, also in Canada, Mexico, El-Salvador, Dominican republic, Geneva, Honduras, Guatemala, San Salvador and Haiti and He has also provided counseling to political figures including: diplomats, UN Ambassadors, politicians, mayors, police departments, army generals and local government members and religious leaders.,,


Throughout his years of humanitarian and diplomatic works, Ambassador Hugues Sanon has been honored with numerous awards from a variety of groups at national and international levels including the US President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2019 by president Trump for his outstanding commitment to strengthen our nation and communities through his humanitarian works. And the presidential lifetime achievement award in 2023 at the world leader summit held in Washington DC at the prestigious National Press Club on March 28, 2023.


At the 4th Annual UN Global Drug Free World convention, taking place at the UN Headquarters on February 10, 2023, in conference room 7, during the 61st session of the commission of social development, Ambassador Hugues Sanon was the recipient of a Mayoral Proclamation from the City of Glenarden and he was proclaimed “A Mission Leader and “Change Agent for Great Faith” by Mayor Cashenna A Cross in the presence of world leaders and in the presence of the president of the World conference of Mayors, Hon Mayor Johnny L. Ford, Senator Kevin Parker, Senator Rubin Diaz and many other local government members.


At the 2022 World Leader Summit, taking place in Westin Hotel on September 23, 2022 during the 77UNGA, Ambassador Hugues Sanon received the global humanitarian leadership Award for his commitment and outstanding work in promoting peace, love, drug education and prevention around the globe.,

Ambassador Hugues Sanon further received the International Distinguished Leadership Award in Washington DC at the prestigious National Press Club at the Caribbean and African Faith- Based Leadership Conference and Award on September 29, 2022, in recognition of his outstanding leadership, humanitarian services and initiatives that fosters hope and transformation in the African community.


Ambassador Hugues Sanon also received the United Church Global Human Rights Awards in Washington DC, on September 30, 2022 for devoting a lifetime to establishing and safeguarding the religious and human rights of all people, faith, race and creeds on Earth.


Ambassador Hugues Sanon was a guest speaker at the 2023 IRF Summit held in Washington DC to defend the religion freedom, human rights and the Tai Ji Men Case where he amazed the conference attendees and the world by his speech.

On November 28, 2017, Ambassador Hugues Sanon was honored to receive the Trilogia De Oro Award in Mexico along with other world leaders for his outstanding commitment to strengthen communities at large and for his humanitarian response to conflict and disaster to Mexico.


After donating humanitarian supplies to the Mexicans, Ambassador Sanon also received the Pin of Honor from the Mexican Police Chief and the Minister of national security for his quick humanitarian response to the Mexican people.


On March 27th, 2010, Ambassador Hugues Sanon Received an Honorary distinction from the Ministerio Cristiano Political y Policia Nacional Civil de El Salvador Central America for his outstanding vision, dedication and his commitment to strengthen Humanity.


Ambassador Hugues Sanon received the Hollywood Lifetime Leadership Awards for his commitment to excellence.

1n 2019, ambassador Hugues became the 368th Bell Ringer in the world. He further received the Key of Peace, the Conscience Clock  and the Certificate of Honor in commemoration of the Ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love hosted by FOWPAL and many different missions at the UN.


In 2019 at Geneva, Switzerland, Ambassador Hugues Sanon was bestowed the COJEP International Leadership Award for his outstanding advocacy for human rights and for peace and love.

In June, 2018, Ambassador Hugues Sanon received the Drug Free World Vanguard Trophy. And he further received in 2019 the Heros Award from FDFW.,,


At the United Nations, New York, he received a testimonial resolution from the Township of Union New Jersey on February 19, 2020 by Mayor Michelle Delisfort, and, at the UN, Ambassador Sanon received a proclamation from the city of East Orange by Mayor Ted R. Green on May 31st, 2019; he received a resolution from the East Orange City Council on May 30th, 2019; he also received a proclamation at the United Nations by the town of North Hempstead at the 58th session of the commission of social development, Ambassador. Sanon received a very special recognition from H.E Minister Gina M. Raimondo on February 19, 2020. Also, Mr. Sanon received a proclamations at the UN from assemblyman Phillips Ramos on February 19, 2020; he received another proclamation from Senator Kevin Parker on May 18, 2018 , another proclamation from Senator David Callucci on May 20, 2018; furthermore, he received an Award from the National Action Network of Rev. Al Sharpton on April 17th, 2016. Ambassador Sanon received a resolution from the council of the City of New York signed Hon. Inez E. Dickens on September 1, 2013.,,


Ambassador Hugues Sanon has also received numerous governmental Awards from Mayor Eric Adams, office of the president of Borough of Brooklyn, from the City of New York, from Hon. Ruben Diaz Jr., President of the Borough of the Bronx; from Governor Daniel J. McKee; from Senator Jamaal Bailey, Assemblyman Charles Lavin, Senator Kevin Parker, from Assemblyman Taylor, from Senator Todd Kaminsky, from AssemblyWoman Michealle Solages, Honorable Carrie Solages, from honorable Charnete Frederick, from Honorable Councilman Mathieu Eugene, councilwoman Natacha Clerger and many different organizations and high profiled officials.,


Ambassador Hugues Sanon Held many press conferences with officials around the globe and has shared stages with UN Ambassadors, diplomats, heads of states, mayors, governors, council members and religious leaders and community leaders on many different issues that matter to the community.,


He spoke on drugs and their effects on Haiti National TV/TNH and Hosted drug education/prevention seminars in Jacmel in 2017 and held press conferences in Jacmel, Haiti. He also spoke with various Mexican media about peace and conscience and also on drug education and prevention while in Mexico in 2017.


Hugues Sanon spoke with News 12, Fox 5, Star Ledger, VOA d’Amérique, VOA Afrique  and radio Canada on immigration, asylum for the refugees and humanitarian service in many countries in the world.,,


In October 2018, Hugues Sanon received the Military and Law Enforcement Association Award for his outstanding service to the Military and to Humanity. In addition, Ambassador Hugues Sanon has presented to the community several documentaries about diplomacy and the history of Haiti to help his colleagues have a better vision and a much clearer understanding of events that have marked the past and their impact on the future development of Haiti.,


On September 28th, 2018, at the UNGA73 Goodwill Ambassador Hugues Sanon was awarded with an Honoring Award presented by Helder Da Costa, Ph.D., the General Secretary of the g7+ Secretariat, serving 20 fragile and conflict-affected states.


At the UNGA73 in G7+ summit, Goodwill Ambassador Hugues SANON  met with the powerful human rights advocate, Minister Nabeela Tunis, minister of planning and Economic development of Sienna Leone on how to empower  the third World countries, including Haiti that are facing all kinds of problems. She promises to work with goodwill Ambassador Hugues SANON to  be a voice for these countries. 


On September 28th, 2018 Ambassador Hugues Sanon also received the “Stand Up to Poverty Award” for his outstanding humanitarian service to the world.


On September 29th, 2018, Goodwill Ambassador Hugues Sanon was highly honored to be invited by the Kingdom of Bahrain to be the special guest speaker at the high-profile gala at the end of UNGA73 for the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Proclamation. In his speech, Ambassador Sanon Praised his Majesty, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalif for exposing the people living in his great kingdom to different ethnicities and different religions to make sure they are not ignorant and is educated about the diversities of cultures and respect them all; giving back the power to the people, allowing women to vote and get involved in politics, and advocating for a fair education for his people and standing up to violation of human right, child trafficking and abuse.,,


For more than 20 years, Hugues Sanon has been working tirelessly hard to support children in Haiti and around the world. He further helps in feeding the hungry, providing humanitarian supplies, hygienic kits, clothing, and toys during holiday seasons and helps organize cultural events for children, teens and adults. His goal is to expose their talents so they may have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and to have a stable life.


In June, 2016, he was proud to team up with a group of powerful and dynamic people who are passionate about humanitarian work to help bring the country to a much more promising path. His superb team is known as “Together for Haiti”, consisting of a large number of influential and outstanding persons such as: his celebrity friends, elected officials, community leaders, journalists, ambassadors, top models, well known artists and intellectuals from around the globe to help to develop  his beloved country Haiti and many other poor countries in the world,


Ambassador Hugues Sanon donated a humanitarian container worth $300,000 dollars to the department of Artibonite, Haiti. He teamed up with Senator Carl Murat Cantave and Senator Youri Latortue to distribute humanitarian goods to the needy in many cities in Artibonite.,,


To empower our community, he assisted in bringing joy to children around the world, especially children of Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic and children in many different states from the African Continent.  

In 2018, He donated more than one thousand toys and food and teamed up with Mayor Ziky Decelmond in Acul du Nord to host a cultural activity for the kids in the North of Haiti.,


During the drastic January 2010 earthquake, Ambassador Hugues Sanon, was amongst the very first team of people who landed in Haiti to assist those who were affected. At that time, he distributed Tents, medical supplies, hygiene kits, food and clothes to hundreds of people.


In October, 2016, he donated a $500,000 dollars’ worth of Humanitarian supplies to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew and  teamed up with Haiti Congressman Jerry Tardieu and distributed humanitarian support to the people of Haiti.,


He also distributed more than 100,000 agricultural seeds to several cities in Haiti to produce food for the people. In addition, he established several programs to help pay for schools for many kids in need and established food pantries in many different areas to help feed the needy children.


Hugues Sanon, Haitian by birth and currently living in the US is a name that keeps echoing in the ears of everyone and that, at all levels in our society. This talented and dynamic young leader has given body and soul for a better future and sustain world. Open to criticism, kind and visionary, Mr. Sanon has embarked on social development work in order to contribute to the recovery of his country, Haiti and other poor countries in the world.


Hugues Sanon was Born on February 9, 1978 in Port-au-Prince, more precisely in a suburb called “Fort-national”. In 2001, he entered journalism in the US and started working at a TV station called “Tele Citronnelle” before joining “Radio Vérité” in 2002. In 2014 he became the owner of Radio Optimum Mondial, then the owner of Magazine Voix Caraibes, E&H Modeling company, Together for Haiti and CEO of Le Journal Haiti.

Hugues Sanon loves music and he is a pianist. After arriving in the United States in 1998, Hugues composed several cultural songs. He is a Jazz-Creole singer with exceptional talent. With his combination of Jazz and Haitian Folklore, he transforms Haitian music and becomes one of the most important figures of Haitian song.


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